“Style is something money can’t buy. Be yourself. Fashion never ends.”


Rathfar Chaichueanjit, well known in Thailand as “Padpudd”, is an actress/model and a regular at the trendiest fashion events in Thailand and South East Asia. Aside from being an actress and influencer, she also runs her own clothing brand and balloon shop. Rathfar had the honor of being nominated as "Breakout Influencer of 2017" in Thailand at the Influence Asia Awards.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Shopping, just like every girl in the world! When girls start shopping, we can’t stop spending which of course is our guilty pleasure, but we are willing to take responsibility for it and feel good afterwards, that’s why it’s called shopping therapy!

You are considered an influencer. What does this title mean to you?

It’s such an honor to be acknowledged and be considered an influencer firsthand. To me, being an influencer means sharing my vision and style of fashion with others. Fashion has no limit. Fashion is style and creativity of our own.

If you could give people 3 tips about style, what would they be?

Style is what money can’t buy, be yourself, fashion never ends.

What are your overall thoughts on Spanish Fashion?

Every country has their own iconic and unique fashion style. For me, Spanish fashion is trendy and chic. Red is the color that represents Spain very well. Spain has such a strong and big influence in Red, much more than any other country I have ever been to.

How would you compare fashion in Madrid to fashion in Thailand?

The biggest point of difference in fashion between Spain and Thailand are the seasons and how this affects what we wear. In Spain, there is winter. People can be versatile in the way they dress and express themselves by putting on different layers of clothing. In my point of view, there is no winter in Thailand and therefore has its limitation when it comes to fashion and how people can dress.

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