Walk of flavour

Walk of flavour

La Barra Del Gourmet is a restaurant with capital letters where you can immerse yourself in a gastronomic experience. A unique space. 

The new Gourmet Experience in Castellana, Madrid, presents the Gourmet Club, a true paradise for gourmets that gathers thousands of delicacies in the same place.  The brand new jewel in the crown is the La Barra Del Gourmet, which includes dishes made with fresh products, as well as a varied selection of snacks that, in many cases, includes products from neighbouring exhibitors. 

With the best preserves, oils, Iberian hams, cheeses, cold meats, cold cuts or sweets, how could you not have them? An authentic, renovated oasis where you can eat and drink well at any time of the day is the key to not only taking a break from shopping, but also for discovering a new and highly sought-after top-quality gastronomic space.  Fresh ingredients, of the day and of the highest quality, are the basis of the breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners at La Barra Del Gourmet. 




Fresh product is an essential ingredient in the kitchen of La Barra Del Gourmet. According to its head chef, Juan Antonio Cano, from Seville, “working with such high quality fresh product is a celebration; I’ve never seen such a product!. It’s not easy to find restaurants where quality is the most important thing”. Juan Antonio Cano also likes to play with off-menu items. “I talk to the fish market every day and, depending on the product, which is always freshly caught, I come up with dishes for the following day”. 

For mid-morning or an aperitif, there is no shortage of pinchos such as the legendary Gilda or the Induráin. Impossible to forget the ham croquettes, made with sheep’s milk from Ultzama, the ensaladilla, the patatas bravas (here we find a touch of Dabiz Muñoz and his XO sauces) or the torreznos (rashers of bacon). 

Tostas with the best ingredients and the legendary calamari sandwich with a piparras mayonnaise dressing served on a delicate and crunchy crystal bread. How could it be missing if La Barra Del Gourmet is in Madrid? About the frying, which is exceptional here, Cano, a native of Seville, says that he learnt the technique as a child, “with four hands of my mother and my grandmother”. The result is a fine, light, elegant frying, without a trace of fat, which enhances excellent quality products such as hake or squid. 



La Huevería and Los Huevos Cobardes y Gallinas, also known as “Los de Curro”, a sculptor-turned-egg farmer who raises happy hens and, therefore, happy diners, deserve a separate chapter. The sea also expresses itself with seafood such as oysters and red prawns. Whimsical morsels such as caviar are always present, and the Smoke Lab by Benfumat, a live smokehouse, completes the offer with freshly prepared smoked meats and original rubs. 

The charcoal grill also provides plenty of enjoyment. This is where the chef grills fish and seafood from the best fish markets. And for carnivores, the Joselito pluma iberica (Iberian feather) or the grilled Discarlux lomo bajo (sirloin), also grilled, are a sure bet. 

Desserts such as scamorza affumicata cheesecake or Pan.Delirio’s brioche bread torrija. The flavour and quality are there from the first to the last of the dishes.



And if the guest is craving any product from the shop, all they have to do is take it and ask the waiter to plate it and serve it free of charge. The same goes for the wines. In addition to a careful selection of wines by glass, with national and foreign references, in some cases preserved with Coravin, the diner can choose any wine from the shop, paying the same price, but with the restaurant service included (and without paying anything for the corkage). An ideal opportunity to discover the more than 400 references in the shop, all well attended by the sommelier and the bar manager of La Barra Del Gourmet. 


The setting is beautiful and cosmopolitan. The bar, which gives its name to the space, is very spacious and sumptuous, and it showcases the best products, with the sea as its flag, where the catch of the day and Gillardeau oysters share the stage. A great plan that can be enjoyed both at the half-moon high tables of the bar and at the low tables, which invite to long after-dinner conversations. 


To complete the offer, La Barra Del Gourmet also offers morning and afternoon delights: breakfasts and afternoon snacks with pastries and bread from Pan.Delirio, a prestigious Madrid bakery. There are also cosmopolitan specialties such as eggs Benedict, with Benfumat smoked salmon, or the classic bikini or the truffle bikini, both with fontina cheese. 

And if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in the morning, the In 5 Minutes breakfast is a good way to satisfy your hunger quickly. Of course with the special coffee from Supracafé. The piped music is up to the standards of the place, and a professional dj is in charge of it to liven up Madrid’s new place to be. What a level. 


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